Is a Portable Solar Battery Generator Right for Your Next Purchase?

If you are looking to power your campsite, live off the grid, or are just preparing for an emergency situation, having a backup generator is a must have. Traditional gas fuelled generators are noisy, emit fumes and are costly to run. An alternative is a battery generator which is silent to run, emits no fumes and can be recharged by the sun, but which one is right for you?

Battery generators have a much lower power output than their gas-powered cousins. If you only require to power low wattage devices such as smart phones, laptop computers, CPAP machines and small LED televisions then a battery generator might be suitable. However, if you are looking to power household whitegoods, heaters, coolers power tools etc, then a battery generator would not be suitable.

Unlike a gas fuelled generator which only requires an extra gallon of fuel to keep running, battery generators can take several hours to fully recharge and once you have run out of charge you are without power for some time. Depending on the brand and model some can be recharged via AC power in three hours or less, but the larger capacity batteries can take much longer. Most have options to recharge either via AC wall outlet, or DC car charger but in the event of a power outage when you are most likely to be using the unit or in an off-grid situation, your only option to recharge is via solar panels.

With the option to recharge via solar panels, battery generators are quite versatile. However, if weather conditions are not favourable, i.e. increased cloud cover or shaded areas, then recharge times can become very lengthy or not possible at all. Another thing to consider is that rain can stop your charging in its tracks as many portable solar panels are not waterproof meaning you need to bring them under cover while the rain continues.

Some portable solar generators are small enough to be placed in a backpack but these are limited in their power application. Larger systems that have higher power outputs are quite heavy and often are required to be wheeled around on a trolley or require two people to lift.

Larger battery generator systems can have a higher price tag than gas powered generators. With the additional cost of solar panels which can be quite expensive in their own right, battery systems typically are almost twice the cost of entry than the gas powered alternative.

Like all purchases there are many things to consider to sway you in one direction or another. A portable solar battery generator may not have the power output or near continuous run time of a gas-fuelled generator, but with zero emissions, zero noise and the option to rely completely on free, clean energy from the sun a portable solar generator is an excellent choice for camping, outdoor events and emergency situations where only essential power requirements are necessary. Therefor a portable solar battery generator is well worth your consideration.

Why Business Telecoms Provider Potentially Urges to Choose a Fixed Wireless Enterprise Network?

In the modern world, every organisation looks for a reliable communication network type. A truly based enterprise connectivity solutions that delivers the need desired by an organisation along with keeping price point in mind.

As the technology is evolving with rapid pace, the need of fixed Wireless technology is proving its efficacy by becoming a powerful option for companies in terms of fast, reliable, and an affordable connection deployed as per the needs.

Telecommunications service provider in Australia allows organisation to subscribe with fixed wireless technology to immediately resolve all communication problems faced by the company.

What Integration an Organisation looking for?

As per the research done, many business phone systems in Australia are still based on the traditional model of communication, says business phone services provider. This not only decreases the fundamental value of a business but also creates network drop as copper wire has no capacity to throw the bandwidth at longer distance. Because of which communication problems increases and the business requirements of accomplishing task before the deadline pass by. fixed

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In this article, you will walk through the 5 reasons why Fixed Wireless technology could help businesses commute with their onshore and offshore employees and resolve communication challenges.

Speed: With uncovered the fact that Fixed Wireless technology is built using mmWave (millimetre Wave) which is the same technology used to underpin the latest technology just arrive in Australia i.e. 5G. 5G is the way which will bring a paradigm shift in our lives and the way we organise our business. With its arrival it will completely relinquish the Fixed Wireless technology such as fibre.

Reliability: Fixed Wireless solutions have been tested as per weather conditions since long back. But most of the issues which may lead to crisis have be fixed till now. As per the old technology which uses antennas or transferring data via air (based on radio spectrum). The data generally travels in between node-to-node which is end-to-end encrypted based on complex matrix of incongruous lines woven in under our roads, power networks, water and other essential infrastructure.

Lower Cost: Getting access to a fast internet connection is deemed for every business. But the question arises here is at what cost. In a market business leader are charged for speed and even for the amount data used by an organisation. But when Australian business were asked to subscribe Fixed Wireless technology, most of the Australian business leader refused to accept the subscription. Fixed Wireless technology is not a commodity product, it is a technology with a premium-grade enterprise solution that delivers a business with the best of what is available. When you are asked to pay a business phone services provider what it would be. It would be the negligible amount of what you used to pay until the last decade. A business subscribes to the resources which are crucial for establishing a fully operational organisation. With the minimal cost of installation which includes GST a business leader pay. The business leader by the subscription of the resources allocated and starts to the minimal amount every month.

Ease of Deployment: Connecting the end nodes of the Wireless and mobile communication with mobility and flexibility. As a business leader you enjoy benefits at an enterprise level. You can get access to the metropolitan areas where after every interval of 3 kms an antenna is installed to have a internet speed matching to the words we proclaimed.

Security: Encrypting data packets with end-to-end encryption policies, allows user to entrust on the service they subscribed for. Fixed Wireless technology provided by business telecom providers is surrounded by keeping security to ring the changes as advancements succeeds.
With GenesysTel, a business can provoke potentialities based on the efficacy a business leader wants. As the Fixed Wireless technology is on the verge to promote businesses towards digitalisation and help companies get access to fast, reliable and affordable connections able to be deployed wherever needed.

Different Ways to Finance Your New Smartphone in India

It is no secret that a smartphone is no longer a calling device only. It is used to check the time, put an alarm, click photos, social media, net banking, finding routes, ordering cabs and food, etc. People can perform their job duties over the phone. In short, if we can put it part of our lives are controlled/Influenced by Smartphones. There are certain aspects to remember while you plan to buy a smartphone. The following pointers will help you make up your mind.

How Much Do Smartphones actually Cost?

Price: Smartphones like Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and Note 9 are comparatively expensive having to range from 50K to 120K. In contrast, Vivo VZ1 Pro and Samsung Galaxy M40 come in an affordable under 20K. The smartphone which you can purchase will ultimately depend upon your budget.
“Value”: According to Moore’s law, the analogy of a mobile phone is a depreciating asset and the number of transistors doubles every two years. New models and technology take over the market every year. Thus your smartphone will be relevant for a few years only. Afterwards, you might want to upgrade to the latest phone.
Use: Almost all the functions of a smartphone can be performed by the lower budget models as well. But if you insist on good sound, or picture, or gaming, then you might need to shed more money on a smartphone.
Hidden charges: There are other hidden costs of paid download, internet charges, and subscriptions. It would help if you kept that in mind while buying a smartphone.
How to Arrange Finance?

Retail Stores: There are options to pay via credit card. This option is used by many offline retailers/Stores for one or many credit card collaboration with other financing company to help their customers finance and buy and their phone. However, you need to maintain a good CIBIL score to get a credit card.
Online stores: There are 0% interest EMI schemes offered by online and offline retailers. Check out the best credit option based on your monthly income. Major players offering NO COST EMI in today’s market are HDFC, SBI, ICICI etc.
Marketplace: Sell your old mobile phone at a reasonable price to partly finance your new smartphone. The best way to find your phone worth is by looking through the product exchange price offered by Amazon/Flipkart Else sell via Olx, Facebook market etc locally in profit.
Financial institution: You can take a personal loan from any bank if your CIBIL score is good to buy an expensive phone. But please be careful of how the Indian Loan management system has changed after the pandemic.
Online P2P lending platform If you don’t have a good CIBIL score, there is an option in that case as well. You can be a part of the Online P2P lending platform. Nowadays, you can find an Online chit fund platform also that are driving financial inclusion by bringing investors and burrower in one platform to meet their mutual needs.
What If You Can’t Find A Finance Option?

Getting a loan is not a cakewalk for everyone. The majority of people in India are from the low-income group. Not everyone can maintain a perfect CIBIL score to get a Credit card or bank loan. Many people follow the practice of paying their labourers or employees in cash. In such cases, it becomes difficult for them to prove their income. To make matters worse, we are going through a pandemic. Due to which, many people lost their job or running their household on a reduced income.

P2P lending groups can come to your rescue if you are a victim of any such financial crisis. They do the least paperwork. And they are flexible in terms of the loan tenure. Suppose you can’t find a chit fund company or group nearby. You can always look for a reliable and secured online chit fund platform like Money Club that works on the similar principle of ROSCA (Rotating Credit and Savings Association) merged with the technology of P2P lending.

Wrapping Up!

Everyone has their own goals, Budget and creditworthiness, so the best financing option for one person will not be attainable for another. So before buying a smartphone always ask the following question: 1. What is the best price at the right store? 2. What are the Perks associated with buying the phone from a particular brand and retailer? 3. What is my best financing option according to your appetite/budget? There are multiple new avenues of finance available nowadays. Because of technological development, you can check the transparency and security of any finance company. So always take an in-depth look at your finances before deciding how to finance your cell phone purchase.